Energy & Climate Change

Niagara Falls serves as a gateway into the Western New York region, but also as an active source of for energy production.  Since 1895, hydroelectricity has been drawn from the more than 4 million cubic feet of water rushing over the falls every minute. Renewable energy sources, such as this, are crucial in addressing the energy needs of our society in an environmentally friendly way. Where energy comes from can have a distinct impact on our region.  Renewable energy, generated from natural sources in a way that can be replenished, has key economic and environmental advantages.

These are just a few of the topics covered by the Energy & Climate Change Working Group. The group aims to educate about renewable energy and energy efficiency, prevent pollution from energy creation, limit human consumption of natural resources, influence energy policy to promote clean and renewable energy opportunities in Western New York, and create economic benefits through clean energy and energy efficiency.

If all this energy talk has sparked your interest in the group, get involved!


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