Environmental Justice

Western New York is known by many as the birth place of the Environmental Justice (EJ) movement because of the tragedy at Love Canal. Typically, EJ refers to the impact of industry or development on the health of people who have little voice in preventing it.  Racial minorities, low income families, and citizens in developing countries are more likely to face an inability to access healthy or culturally important food, as well as unusual amount of exposure to waste, pollutions, and toxics such as lead and radon. Frequently those exposed to these unjust situations do not have the ability to simply pick up and move to avoid the problems.

The Environmental Justice Working Group works to address these issues and more. The group’s key goals are to improve the community participation and decision making by low-income, people of color and youth audiences as well as to lift up projects and policies that impact environmental justice communities.

Are you ready to uphold justice in a community near you? Get involved!


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