The Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) has an elected Board of Directors that acts as the representation of the member organizations in voting on the WNYEA Annual Action Agenda. Board members serve two-year terms and are nominated through the WNYEA Working Groups and Process Groups. The public is always invited to attend the Working and Process Group Meetings. After the nomination process, the Board Slate is voted on at the annual WNYEA Congress held in November. Board members serve several roles within the WNYEA, including acting as Working and Process Group Liaisons, acting as members of the Rapid Response Team, and serving the WNYEA on the Membership Committee.

Listed below is the current Board of Directors, the member organization they belong to, and their roles:

Board of Directors

  • Justin Booth, Green Options Buffalo
  • Jay Burney, Learning Sustainability Campaign/Times Beach Nature Preserve
  • Brian Dold, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy
  • Nate Drag, Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • Deb Gondek, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper
  • Jim Howe, The Nature Conservancy of Central & Western New York
  • Alexandra McPherson, Niagara Share
  • Ryan McPherson, University at Buffalo
  • Rebecca Newberry, Clean Air Coalition of WNY
  • Derek Nichols, Grassroots Gardens Buffalo
  • Lynda Schneekloth, Sierra Club Niagara Group
  • Elizabeth Walsh, University at Buffalo
  • Arthur Wheaton, Cornell University Worker Institute / WNY Apollo Alliance

Board of Directors Officers

  • Chair:
  • Vice Chair: Derek Nichols
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: Andrea O’Suilleabhain

Board of Directors Rapid Response Team

  • TBD
  • Ryan McPherson
  • Lynda Schneekloth

Board of Directors Working Group Liaisons

  • Energy & Climate Change: Robert E. Knoer
  • Environmental Justice: Lynda Schneekloth
  • Growing: Derek Nichols
  • Habitat & Natural Resources: Jay Burney
  • Parks & Recreation: Brian Dold
  • Transportation:
  • Urban Regeneration:
  • Waste & Pollution:

Board of Directors Process Group Liaisons

  • Education & Outreach:
  • Issues & Advocacy: Lynda Schneekloth
  • Organizational Capacity: Alexandra McPherson


For more information on the responsibilities of Board Members, check the WNYEA Bylaws.

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