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During the last Ice Age, glaciers invaded all but a small area of New York State. Much of the landscape in Western New York was cut out by thousands of years of this retreating ice, creating extensive waterways, which support the surrounding ecosystem of deciduous and coniferous forests flourishing with wildlife. The unique forests of Western New York, constantly changing with the seasons, supply a vital habitat to an array of plant and animal life. The changing seasons allow both deciduous hardwood and coniferous forests to exist that harbor an abundant variety of flowers and plant species, providing food and shelter for wild animals. Local waterways provide important habitats for many species of birds.

The Habitat & Natural Resources Working Group work to preserve the unique habitats in Western New York and the many species of plant and animal life that they support. In order to do so, the group educates the public about the importance of habitat and native species, works to reduce or control invasive species, and aims to protect regional habitats and corridors to ensure connectivity of urban and rural areas.

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