Transportation is at the heart of Western New York history, beginning with the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825, which led to one of the region’s first population surges.  Connecting the Great Lakes to New York City, Buffalo became a critical link between growing industry and international trade along the East Coast and the Mid-West’s agricultural center. Then came the first railway system in Western New York, constructed in 1833 and running between Buffalo and Black Rock. In 1852, three railroads combined to provide a complete rail system linking Buffalo and New York City.  Ultimately, the rail system was replaced by cars as the dominant form of transportation following the wide spread construction of roadways and interstate highways, leading to our modern day obsession with the automobile. The Transportation Working Group works to address this obsession and create the next phase in the transportation evolution: transportation systems that consider every mode of travel and make it safe for pedestrians and automobiles alike. To do this, the group reviews ongoing initiatives to ensure that all roadway users are accommodated and green infrastructure measures are utilized, and works to educate the community about complete streets and green infrastructure. Don’t spin your wheels. Get involved! Working Group Details:


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9:00 am
Skyride Buffalo
Buffalo Outer Harbor State Park, Buffalo NY
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