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Support the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Campaign

The Western New York Environmental Alliance is partnering with the Defenders of Wildlife and the Alaska Wilderness League/Alaska Coalition Project to help prevent Congressional Action that will permit opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas exploration and extraction. This will both damage the Refuge and the biodiversity that it supports, and will have catastrophic impacts on climate as the extraction and use of fossil fuels with drive us into releasing more damaging greenhouse gasses.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the crown jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System. ANWR is a public place jointly owned by all Americans. What happens there effects all of us including those that live and work in New York State. ANWR is a remote wilderness that is home to diverse plants and wildlife including Polar Bear, Caribou and numerous bird species. The biodiversity of the place helps to support a healthy planet. It was designated as a wildlife refuge in 1960 to protect our unique wildlife, wilderness, and recreational values. It is a globally significant natural resource. Today, it is in jeopardy.

We need your help!

The Congressional House Budget Committee 2018 Budget Resolution includes items that will permit oil exploration and drilling. Activities associated with the intrusion into this wild area, include the building of roads and pipelines, transport of equipment and resources, and dramatic displacement and destruction of wildlife and fragile arctic wilderness habitat. This irrevocably damage natural assets that have great value to life on earth including ours. In addition, use of fossil fuels will enable and expand human caused climate change.

Exploitation of ANWR for fossil fuels simply continues to send us in the wrong direction. If we do not stop this now, our lives and the lives of future generations will suffer irrevocable damage.

During the next several weeks, the House and Senate are looking at an overall Appropriations Bill that including drilling and exploitation in this Refuge. The bill links profits from this private extraction to US fiscal stability. They are using this to justify a budget that includes tax breaks for corporations and the rich. The fact that this is deeply hidden in the appropriations bill is not well known and is the focus of this action alert. We are sounding the alarm, and we need your help! 

Our campaign is focused on three Congressional Districts and the Congressional Representatives of these districts. Our goal is to influence elected officials in 3 New York State Congressional Districts to vote against the 2018 Congressional Budget Appropriation Bill which contains funding and expects revenue from
opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas exploration and extraction.

John Faso-R, NY-19th District (Capital Region, Catskill, Hudson Valley, )

John Katko NY-24th District (Oswego, Fulton, Syracuse)

Elise Stefanik, NY-21 (Plattsburg, Watertown, Saratoga Springs)

What Can You Do?

We need to ACT NOW. The Appropriations Bill may be voted upon before the end of November.

1. Spread the Word!
Please circulate this letter/email to members of your organization, friends and colleagues, and to other organizations that you think would be helpful and interested in taking action.

2. Sign Our Letter
Read and sign on to our letter which will be sent to the three Congressional Representatives, Faso, Katko, and Stefanik. You can sign on here.

3. Meet with Your Congressman
Ask for a meeting with these representatives or their staffs. The Defenders of Wildlife and the WNYEA will provide training and coordination for these meetings. If you are interested in this, click here and we will contact you.

4. Write a Letter
Help to write and send Letters to the Editor. Want to learn how? Click here.

5. Join Our Mailing List
Visit our website and sign up for the WNYEA Newsletter for updates and information

Please respond to this letter with suggestions, other groups or organizations that you think may be helpful, and contact updates. You can reach out to us here. Thank you for your support!




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