Campaigns and Initiatives

Take an active role in improving our region’s environment and become a part of making our region greener, cleaner, and healthier. Visit our Network section to meet leaders from different environmental organizations and join in their efforts. Or support the work being done in our region through a charitable donation. No action is too small, so start today!

The Alliance is currently working with the following campaigns and initiatives for change:


Our Outer Harbor Coalition
The Our Outer Harbor Coalition (OOH) is a group of organizations and individuals concerned about the appropriate development of Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. We consider this area to be one of Buffalo’s, and the Niagara Region’s most important assets. The OOH Coalition was formed in 2016 after the State of New York, under the leadership of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) announced plans to build a new community, including blocks of private condos, at the Outer Harbor.

West Valley Nuclear Waste Facility Clean Up
In the 1960’s, Nuclear Fuel Services began dumping radioactive waste and reprocessing nuclear fuel in West Valley, New York, a small farming community 50 miles south of Buffalo. Following personal accounts of accidents, mishandling of high-level wastes and bad planning, the Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Waste was formed as a citizen’s watchdog group. Thirty years and numerous radioactive leaks later, the Coalition is still demanding the long-term safety of the site.

Erie BYO Bags Plastics Reduction Coalition
Erie County has been a leader in protecting our Great Lakes for decades. Most recently, Erie County worked to reduce plastic pollution through its local ban on microbeads, which ultimately helped to create the impetus for a federal law. The Erie County Environmental Management Council (ECEMC), a volunteer group that advises Erie County government on environmental issues, has recommended that Erie County build on that good work by passing legislation to reduce single use bag pollution.

Youth and Climate Justice
The WNYEA has been working to bring young people together, to provide educational opportunities, and to develop leadership around climate justice. Certainly, of all the injustices associated with climate change, one of the most searing is the impact of climate change on the generation that is coming to age today and their progeny.


Collaboratory for a Regenerative Economy
The Collaboratory for a Regenerative Economy (CoRE) is an integrated research, education and civic entrepreneurship initiative that links materials design with manufacturing technologies in coordination with the needs of industry and front-line communities. Our aim is to advance, in an accelerated manner, science-based solutions that enhance human and social capital.

Buffalo Water Equity Task Force
The Water Equity Taskforce is a network of cities that work together to develop more equitable water policies and practices. The project aims to increase understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and promising interventions to promote equitable water management in each participating site and at the national level. Buffalo is 1 of 6 cities involved in this process. 

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