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Published on October 9th, 2014 | by GrowWNY Intern


Architectural Pursuit


As an architecture student at the University at Buffalo, it is important to explore and discover all the rich architecture that each city has to offer. Buffalo, being one of New York’s largest cities, continues to grow and expand both architecturally and culturally. This is a great opportunity for everyone to know the amazing spots here in Buffalo.

There are many hidden architectural gems in Buffalo. Some of America’s most famous and renowned architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, have designed and built amazing architecture within our city.

American architecture started in the mid to late 1800’s, with the rise of the city and high rise skyscrapers. Buffalo, along with Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and many other cities had become the home for many architectural opportunities. Buildings such as Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler’s Guaranty building has become a main tourist attraction for Buffalo.

However, there are many other architectural beauties that may not be listed in an architecture book. Silo City in Buffalo is an amazing architectural landmark. In the 1840s, grain was a major import and export from Buffalo. Two engineers from Buffalo designed an elevator that would forever change the way the silos worked, leading to the iconic structures along many of our waterways in Buffalo. Although they are no longer used for their original purpose, the grain elevators are still important to our community. Events are now being held at the silos; including tours, markets, art instillation and even rock climbing. At school, we were given a project where we re-purposed the Silos into spaces for people to inhabit. Some projects, including my own, can be viewed here.

One of my favorite sites to visit in Buffalo is the Delaware Park area. Architect E.B. Green’s Albright Knox is great art gallery to view contemporary and modern art.  The work on the interior is extraordinary, but the beauty of the building is something that you can enjoy without even entering the buidling.  The staircase on the museum’s east side is a great place to overlook Delaware Park.  Across the street also lies the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Recently, architecture student Isabella Brito designed the towers for the Front Yard. These beautiful structures have drawn people from all over to enjoy the area. Both the Burchfield Penney and the Albright Knox have created a dynamic relationship between the people and the architecture. These activated spaces have some of the most wonderful views and experiences within the area. You can take an architectural tour of these two amazing buildings, along with the Richardson-Olmsted Complex and the Forest Avenue Resource Center, tonight at the Museums by Moonlight Event.

No matter where you go, there is a good chance that you’ll spot an architectural gemstone with some interesting history. So, set out on an architectural adventure today! Looking for some more guidance? Check out this event on Explore Buffalo that takes you on fun scavenger hunts to explore and discover Buffalo from a whole new perspective. For only $30, you and your team can win prizes for finding the most exceptional architecture in Buffalo. This is a great chance to walk around Buffalo and get to know one of the greatest cities in New York.

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