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Feature Friday: Peek n’ Peak


2195This winter, I was lucky enough to spend a couple nights in a chalet with my family at the Peek n’ Peak ski resort. As a direct result of growing up in Buffalo, I have always loved winter and the unique opportunities it presents. So when my grandparents said they were taking my entire family to Peek n’ Peak for Christmas to enjoy the slopes, you can imagine our excitement! After our 2 hour trip to the New York – Pennsylvania border, we were greeted with a picturesque view of log cabins set at the base of the snowy mountain.

Our first order of business was dropping off all of our belongings at the cabin, and I was truly impressed with the charming interior decoration. All of the rooms were elegantly furnished and there was a warm atmosphere that exuded relaxation and bliss. The living room, with its two-story ceiling and stone laden fireplace, was the centerpiece and offered a splendid view of the natural mountainside and forest. Despite the inviting aura, we could not stay long to enjoy the amenities since my cousins and I had to make it back down to the main lodge for our snowboard lessons. Luckily, transportation was not an issue thanks to the shuttle bus that you can call to pick you up for free.

When we made it to the lodge, we were quickly assigned to groups to begin our lesson. The instructors were all nice and very well informed, but nothing could have prepared me for how exceedingly difficult it is to snowboard as compared to skiing. Throughout the period of the lesson, I had more than my fair share of spectacular wipeouts. Somehow, I was actually able to perform a 360 degree spin completely on accident and live to tell the tale. I don’t know how it happened, all I know is I’m happy to have survived and not crashed into the tree I was quickly approaching.

2199After a couple hours of instruction I was able to go down the mountain without falling. At first, learning to snowboard was very frustrating but once I had gotten the hang of it I found it to be exhilarating and a ton of fun. My cousins and I spent the majority of our time at Peek n’ Peak snowboarding down the slopes countless times. If snowboarding isn’t your thing, there are skiing options as well. The resort area also offered a tubing park which was more kid and senior friendly for the whole family to enjoy. Not to mention the pool, hot tub, serenity spa, and several other activities they offer that make it virtually impossible to not enjoy your time there.

While my family and I were at Peek n’ Peak we had the time of our lives enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company. I highly recommend visiting the area to anybody in WNY who wants to enjoy the winter months. Then again, they have plenty to offer during the summer with their vast array of bike trails, along with golf courses, the spa, and Segway tours. One warning though, you must be okay with hot chocolate becoming a mainstay of your diet; it sure did for me.

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