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Feature Friday: Akron Falls Park



In case the name didn’t give it away, Akron Falls Park is home of two very beautiful waterfalls—one that is natural, and the other man-made. I read about the falls on a variety of websites, like Erie.gov/parks, and NYfalls.com, before heading to Akron. As I was driving to the park, all I could think about were the falls and the legend behind the waterway that fed them, Murder Creek. When I got there however, I was blown away before I even got to the water.

Akron Falls Park is full of playgrounds, ball fields and shelters. As I drove through the park, I could just envision what a popular place this must be in the summertime. The pavilions create a central gathering space for an experience that will blend both natural recreation, and man-made recreation. Almost every shelter was positioned just a short walk away from Murder Creek, allowing families to go and explore the upper and lower falls together. Then it would be back to the shelter, where the adults could cook lunch while the children play on the nearby playgrounds. It is definitely a location to consider when planning your next outdoor birthday party or family barbeque.

Akron_Falls_Park_2 Akron_Falls_Park_3

When I went to Akron Falls Park, there was still some snow on the ground that was obstructing the paths to the falls. This meant that, unfortunately, I was unable to safely make my way to the falls. Although I was upset about not seeing the falls in person, I found a serene and peaceful escape tucked away in the middle of the park. The Rock Garden was absolutely delightful, and after wandering around this enclosure I was perfectly satisfied with the park despite the fact that I didn’t hike to the falls. The stones in this garden were ornately arranged to create circular pathways around a small pond.

akron_falls_5 akron_falls_park_7

akron_falls_park_6 akron_falls_park_8

I can’t wait for some nicer weather, so I can head back to Akron Falls Park and take full advantage of it. I’m glad I got the chance to pass through the park ahead of time, because now I know to pack a cooler, rather than just some granola bars and water. A hike along Murder Creek and a barbeque in the park are definitely on my to-do list this summer.

What parks are on your summer to-do list?

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