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Published on May 27th, 2014 | by GrowWNYAdmin


International Preparatory School- Builds Raingarden


In case you didn’t know, the International Preparatory School at Grover has an Environmental Club. There are currently 11 active members as well as our faculty advisor; Mrs. Merrick. We would like to introduce you to our new project in our courtyard- the “Rain Garden” project. A rain garden is a shallow depression in the soil and it is planted with deep rooted, native plants and grass. A rain garden is really helpful to our environment because it helps to stop water pollution by being positioned near a runoff source, like a downspouts, gutters, driveway or anywhere water usually accumulates. It captures rainwater run-off and stops water from reaching the sewer system.
The amount of money we had for creating the rain garden wasn’t enough so we decided to raise money different ways. Our school’s students and teachers are going to help us with raising money for this project. For example, on May 15th, Ms. Wolf, a certified yoga teacher taught an afterschool class. We raised $105, which allowed us to buy soil and some garden tools such as hand shovels and hand trowels . Also, on June 6th, 2014 another fundraiser that we’re doing is “Teacher Lunch Day” where teachers can order a $10 lunches with chicken, rice and a drink. We already have 40 preordered lunches!!!! Proceeds from this will also benefit the Rain Garden project. We will be purchasing 5 native trees and large planters for the courtyard with this money as well as paintbrushes and paint to paint the courtyard with.
Donations from other associations and organizations include Reinstein Woods, who donated 2 rain barrels and Mr. Hutchinson the tech teacher that is currently building flower boxes with his middle school classes. He has also, along with 2 middle school students, built the raised beds for the garden. We have received the funds, have purchased and built the raised beds which we hope to fill with soil by the end of the week. Also all the environmental classes from our school will take part in painting the courtyard, planting trees and getting garden beds ready for planting.

Wahida Dipa
11th grade student
IPREP School #198

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