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Published on May 7th, 2014 | by GrowWNY Intern


GIY Hygiene: Sugary Citrus Body Scrub


As a part of our GIY Hygiene series, I’d like to share a recipe that will be a spring and summer essential. Green your routine with this homemade citrus scrub that is as delicious as it smells!


Sugary Citrus Scrub

This body scrub is simple and relatively inexpensive to make, and will leave your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. It’s a great addition to anyone’s hygiene routine as the citrus scent is very gender neutral.


3 cups of white sugar

¼ cup of Coconut Oil

The juice of 1 lemon

Fresh lemon zest

Sugar: Sugar is a great choice for a gentle exfoliator, and it dissolves under water so it will not leave a mess behind!

Coconut Oil: Extra Virgin is best as it is the least processed form available. Avoid hydrogenated, bleached, refined, or deodorized coconut oil to reap the full benefits and avoid the absorption of toxins and pesticides through your skin. The oil is extremely moisturizing and absorbs quickly into skin. It also has the protective benefits of Vitamin E!

Lemon juice & zest: Lemon juice lends its antibacterial properties to help clean up skin, and will even out dark spots and scars. The zest of the lemon will aid in the exfoliation and add fragrance to your scrub.



  • Pour three cups of sugar into a mixing bowl, and add ¼ cup of coconut oil. The oil is solid under 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so you may have to put the jar in hot water to quickly melt the oil.  Mix the sugar to the desired consistency of your scrub. (I mix the oil with the sugar first, as it prevents the lemon juice from dissolving the sugar)
  • Add as much juice and zest of a lemon as you’d like to scent your scrub.


  • I store my scrub in a mason jar, and I am sure to keep the jar dry between showering to avoid rust on the lid though Tupperware would work just as well to store your scrub. Reused candle jars are also a great storage method, as they tend to be shallow with a wide mouth.
  • Recently, I have started using my scrub on my lips as well. It works wonders to smooth and hydrate your lips for a fraction of the cost of the new trendy store bought lip scrubs- just simply rub it on your lips and lick right off! Try storing your lip scrub in an old Altoids tin.


  • Ditch the lemon, Keep the coconut oil, substitute white sugar for brown sugar (2 cups), add coffee grounds (1 cup) , and add pure vanilla extract to your scrub! This combination would smell heavenly, and it is said that the caffeine in coffee will act as a way to firm your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite when used regularly.


This scrub is a great homemade gift. I gave my friends jars full of it this Christmas. It’s inexpensive, practical, and filled with the thought that comes with anything homemade. & Come to think of it, it would make a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!

Do you have any green hygiene tips to share with us? Please comment below if you do!

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