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The Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) welcomes story submissions for the GrowWNY blog by anyone in the community.  If you are interested in sharing environmental information or stories about the preservation and conservation of the environment in WNY, please read the following guidelines then submit your article here.

Articles that do not adhere to the guidelines below will not be published.

We publish stories on GrowWNY.org that meet the following guidelines:

  1. Submissions should be in the neighborhood of 1,000 words or less– While we do make exceptions when warranted, it is important to note that our most popular posts are around 500 words.
  2. Pay attention to formatting and proper grammar– If we have to spend a lot of time cleaning up your piece it won’t be posted.
  3. Avoid “snark”– An article will be discarded if it contains any hint of racist, sexist or religious bias, or suggestion of nasty, snide, sarcastic, or condescending tone.
  4. Follow journalistic standards – Slang is generally allowable in blogs, but obscenity and vulgarity are not allowed.  In addition, unverified assertions of fact or quotes do not belong in a GrowWNY blog article.
  5. Do not advertise– Although we encourage you to share information on how people can live greener, we will not publish commercials for products or businesses.

There are many different types of blog articles on GrowWNY.org:

  • Some are indistinguishable from news stories;
  • Some have a conversational tone; and
  • Others offer a personal opinion or point of view.

In preparing a blog article, an author must distinguish between:

  • News reporting– all fact-based, no bias;
  • Personal tone or voice– includes both an argument and factual information that led to the writer’s conclusion. On GrowWNY.org, these articles must be labeled as OPINION/COMMENTARY; and
  • Unqualified personal opinion– this type of blog is not intended to give a balanced look at both sides of a debate and instead presents the author’s opinion on a subject, but please keep in mind that the strongest blog articles contain smart analysis of an issue. On GrowWNY.org, these articles must be labeled as OPINION/COMMENTARY.

Articles that include a photograph are much better received than those that do not.

OPINION/COMMENTARY articles should include a photograph of the author.  Please email info@growwny.org with a relevant photograph or photograph of the author.

A note about headlines: Unless an article is an OPINION/COMMENTARY article and noted as such, headlines should try to capture the subject in question rather than taking sides on it.

Remember, all opinions expressed and content shared belong to the author and the author alone.

If you have questions, email info@growwny.org.


GrowWNY.org encourages members of the community to submit comments and feedback on articles, and upholds each person’s right to voice a wide range of opinions.  Comments about a specific article may be posted using the “Add Comment” form found at the bottom of each article.


While keeping in mind the right of free speech, the editor reviews comments with an eye toward assuring that each post is respectful.  Comments should not:

  • Contain lewd or obscene language;
  • Represent a personal attack by the writer on other individuals; or
  • Be inflammatory in tone.

GrowWNY.org does not publish anonymous comments nor comments posted under a pseudonym.

Comments on GrowWNY articles are limited to 1,000 characters; those needing more space to make their point should write a letter to the editor, rather than posting multiple comments.

Letters to the Editor

GrowWNY.org encourages and welcomes letters from the community related to its stories and content, as well as other matters of concern and interest about our regional environment.  GrowWNY.org only accepts letters electronically here or via email at info@growwny.org.

Unless the author specifically indicates otherwise, GrowWNY.org has permission to consider for publication any letters or feedback it receives from the community.  To ensure that letters are respectful, the GrowWNY.org editor will review each letter submitted with an eye on the same criteria used to review comments (see above).  Whether material appears will be at the discretion of the editor.

The editor of GrowWNY.org may also check with the individual (or lead author) whose name is on a letter to make sure that he or she is, indeed, the author and may request information about their work affiliation or hometown.  If the author cannot be confirmed, the letter will not be published.  It is not, however, the responsibility of the editor to authenticate information presented in letters as fact.

Additionally, letters must be succinct and stay below a 1,000-word maximum. The GrowWNY.org editor reserves the right not to publish letters that, in the opinion of the editor, make substantially the same point that has been made in a previous post and which does not add anything new to the public discussion of the matter at hand.

Letters to the editor which are published will appear in the GrowWNY blog.

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