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Our region has a history of toxic and hazardous waste sites which have had tragic impacts on community members and Western New York families. Love Canal is one of those sites, and is seen by many as one of the most tragic environmental catastrophes in American History. Love Canal was responsible for sparking a revolution in local citizen activism leading to the development of Superfund legislation and forever changing public perception about the serious threat that hazardous chemicals pose to human health, safety, and welfare. Over three decades have passed since the Love Canal events took place, but unfortunately, we are still plagued by hazardous waste. To really address hazardous waste and pollution, we need to cleanup current waste sites, keep the production of hazardous waste out of our region, and reduce the amount of waste that we as community members produce. These are the driving causes of the Waste & Pollution Working Group. Are you curious on how to clean up WNY? Get involved!


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