About the WNYEA

The Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) is a coalition of independent organizations that collectively represents the environmental voice for our region. The WNYEA uses this website, GrowWNY.org, as its primary communications tool, creating a virtual town square for all things green in Western New York.

In 2008 and 2009, with input from the public and 150 environmental organizations in our region, the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo led a process to create an inclusive, but focused plan of action for working together to accomplish environmental change in our region, now known as the Shared Agenda for Action. This led to the creation of the WNYEA, a coalition of local environmental organizations collaborating in an effort to implement this community-driven plan.

Since then, the WNYEA has grown into an independent, member-run organization with a mission to mobilize change through collective action and collaboration, in order to ensure sustainable, thriving ecosystems and communities in Western New York. With more than 100 member organizations, affiliates and supporters, the WNYEA wants to ensure that the environment is the key factor in local and regional planning.

In order to foster a robust conversation about our environment and unify the voices of more than 100 stakeholders, the WNYEA uses GrowWNY.org, its blog and its social media platforms. GrowWNY.org was created with support from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources.

Through GrowWNY.org, its blog, social media platforms and community involvement, the WNYEA shares information about all things green. It creates an open forum for discussions around our environment and the successes and challenges it faces. Anyone can contribute to the discussion by submitting a blog, coming to a meeting or simply commenting on a Facebook post!

The conversations hosted by the WNYEA on GrowWNY.org are open and accessible for anyone to contribute. Because of this, please note that all opinions expressed and content shared belong to the author and the author alone.

The WNYEA, its member organizations, and the supporting institutions (listed above) that were instrumental in the development of the WNYEA and GrowWNY.org, may not support all of the viewpoints expressed on this website. To learn the position or opinions of a specific member organization, we recommend reaching out to them directly. To view the opinions of the WNYEA, please refer to its Action Agenda.

Need help connecting with a member organization? Have questions? Feel free to contact us.


How the WNYEA Works

The WNYEA works by creating a consensus around important environmental issues and policies. It takes action through its advocacy process, where member organizations raise action items through Working Groups and Process Groups that the Board of Directors votes on for the Annual Action Agenda.  The Action Agenda serves as the road map for advocacy and discussions in that year. Read our 2014 Action Agenda here.

The WNYEA is always adding new members, affiliates, and supporters who will participate in the Working and Process Group Meetings. Learn more about joining the WNYEA here.


Strategic Framework

wnyea strategic framework

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