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Buffalo Recycling Alliance

Meet the member organizations of the Western New York Environmental Alliance! 

Organization Name: Buffalo Recycling Alliance

Mission: The Buffalo Recycling Alliance is a group of organizations and individuals volunteering to increase recycling and reduce waste through education, collaboration, and advocacy.

Vision:  To meet and surpass the national average for percent of waste recycled (roughly 34%), save taxpayer money being spent on collecting and landfilling garbage, reduce the environmental harms created by excessive waste, and develop community and business awareness and embodiment of these concept.

Key Achievements:

  • Development of recycling program at the Community Charter School
  • “Recycling Rangers Program” to educated people about what can and cannot be recycled and composted at local events

Leadership: Amanda Ziegler

Established Date: 2012

Location: 237 Main St. Suite 1200 / Buffalo, NY 14203

Purview: Buffalo

Website and Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/BuffaloRecyclingAlliance

Contact Information: Phone: (716) 852-4191 ext. 115      Email: buffalorecyclingalliance@gmail.com

Significant Events: Unknown

Membership Offered: Yes

This membership profile was created by UB Honors Student Dylan Burns, Fall 2014.

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