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Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes

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Organization Name: Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes

Mission: To ensure that environmentally sound and morally responsible decisions are made for the West Valley nuclear site and future generations

Vision: Complete removal of nuclear waste and contamination from two burial grounds, underground tanks, structures, contaminated soil, and sediment to monitored, retrievable storage and eventually to monitored secure permanent isolation.

Key Achievements:

  • West Valley Demonstration Project Act (1980)
  • Lawsuit (1985-6) – CWVNW vs United States Department of Energy, resulting in Environmental Impact Study and Stipulation of Compromise
  • Independent Study (2008, Synapse) of “The Real Costs of Cleaning Up Nuclear Wastes: A Full Cost Accounting of Cleanup Options for the West Valley Nuclear Waste Site”

Leadership: Steering Committee, by consensus

Established Date: 1974

Location: Western New York CWVNW PO Box 603 / Springville, NY 14141

Purview: West Valley Nuclear Site and other nuclear waste sites across the country

Note: As the only commercial reprocessing facility in the United States and by provisions of the West Valley Demonstration Project Act, West Valley has the ultimate obligation and responsibility to prove that the serious risks of nuclear waste can be isolated from the environment for hundreds of thousands of future generations. This is a national issue associated with the nuclear industry and includes military endeavors and aspirations.

Contact Information: Phone: (716) 316-5839   Email: jhameister@roadrunner.com

Significant Events: Unknown

Membership Offered: Yes

This membership profile was created by UB Honors Student Dylan Burns, Fall 2014.

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