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Environmental Justice Community Impact Grant Program

Summary: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) is seeking applications for the Environmental Justice Impact Grant Program, which seeks to reduce New York State communities’ exposure from multiple environmental and health hazards. Over $3 million is available statewide.

Eligible Applicants: Community-based organizations with Not-For-Profit Corporation’s (NFP) 501(c)(3) status, or a community-based organization that partnered up with a NFP that will serve as its fiscal sponsor. Applicants will need to complete the NYS Grants Gateway Vendor Prequalification Application and obtain land ownership proof, access agreement, and/or municipal endorsement on the affected properties before applying for grant.

Funding: From $2,500 to $50,000 — Applicants may submit up to three applications that are not for the same project or location.

Suggested Projects:

  • AIR Air quality monitoring of parks, neighborhoods, and areas near pollution sources; education pro-grams on anti-idling; community efforts to reduce industrial odor or noise; research project on best walking or biking routes with good air quality for children.
  • WATER Community survey on locations of waterbodies that have been diverted into a culvert, pipe, or drainage system instead of a more natural, above-ground channels; educational campaign on ad-verse water quality impacts from littering and animal feces.
  • LEAD Inventory of homes containing lead paint; lead paint testing and removal program.
  • ORGANIC WASTE Local community composting project; local food diversion efforts to support food pantry and soup kitchen; neighborhood-wide initiative for backyard composting.
  • GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE Riparian buffer restoration, natural coastal protection, permeable pave-ment, community gardens, swales, green walls, green roofs, and tree planting.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE Energy efficiency and weatherization initiatives for apartment buildings; transit-oriented development plans; construction of a community cooling center for use during summers.

Required Match: Not Required

Due Date: January 31, 2017

Selection Criteria: Multiple sources or impacts of environmental harms and risks; service to a low-income and/or communities with high-minority concentration as defined by NYSDEC; research that deepens the understanding of the affected community; efficacy in addressing residents’ public health concerns; significance of environmental benefits; applicants’ experience and qualifications; alignment with Regional Economic Development Council Plans.


For questions, or to set up a meeting to discuss funding, please contact:

Ed Flynn, LaBella Associates

300 State Street, Suite 201, Rochester, NY 14614 • (585) 295-6285

300 Pearl Street, Suite 130, Buffalo, NY 14202 • (716) 551-6281


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