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Global Justice Ecology Project

Meet the member organizations of the Western New York Environmental Alliance! 

Organization Name: Global Justice Ecology Project

Mission: To explore and expose the intertwined root causes of social injustice, ecological destruction, and economic domination.

Vision: A world in which all societies are justly and equitably governed with full participation by an engaged and informed populace living in harmony with the natural world and one another.

Key Achievements:

  • Campaign to stop genetically engineered trees
  • “Strategic Media” to expose the root causes of social and ecological injustice
  • “Langelle Photography” to place photographs in the context of social struggle

Leadership: Anne Petermann, Executive Director

Established Date: 2003

Location: 266 Elmwood Ave. Suite 307 / Buffalo, NY 14222

Purview: The World

Website and Social Media:

Contact Information:

Significant Events:

  • NYC Climate Convergence
  • International Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations

Membership Offered: No

This membership profile was created by UB Honors Student Dylan Burns, Fall 2014.


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