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Green Infrastructure in the City of Buffalo

Written by the Buffalo Sewer Authority

The Buffalo Sewer Authority and City of Buffalo are looking for your help in identifying opportunities for green infrastructure. Green Infrastructure refers to utilizing natural systems and materials such as plants, trees and soils to improve water quality and filter pollutants. Green Infrastructure can manage stormwater by allowing rainfall and snowmelt to infiltrate into the ground instead of entering into a sewer pipe where it may contribute to a combined sewer overflow event.

One green infrastructure project currently in construction is Niagara St. Phases 3 and 4, between Busti Ave. and Ontario St. which is  a continuation of Niagara St. Phases 1 and 2, from Elmwood Ave. to Porter Ave. Niagara St. Phases 3 and 4 include over 200 individual stormwater planters, 400 trees, and manage stormwater runoff from over 17 acres of impervious area.

It is estimated around  18 lbs of phosphorus and 29 lbs of nitrogen will be prevented from entering Black Rock Canal and the Niagara River each year due to this project. For climate change mitigation, it is estimated the green infrastructure plantings for Niagara St. phases 3 and 4 will sequester over 20,000 lbs of carbon dioxide per year. The project also involves a cycle track (protected bike lanes) and LED street lights.

After some background research and analysis of our city, we have put together an Opportunity Report to help start discussions and inform conversations around how to make Buffalo a greener city with more plants, trees and environmental amenities that result in protecting our local waterways, enhancing the ecological health and biodiversity of our region, building greater climate change resiliency, and supporting equitable and sustainable development for all people. Visit to see the Opportunity Report and other green infrastructure projects throughout Buffalo.

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