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Protecting the Eighteenmile Creek Community Forest


snowy forest sunbeamA richly diverse ecosystem, the headwaters of Eighteenmile Creek are a precious resource for our region: they produce, filter, and contribute to local drinking water. Within this creek system, there is a 230-acre community forest hidden within a larger 1,000-acre matrix of protected lands. Home to 158 species of birds, over 31 species of trees, 14 species of shrubs, 113 species of herbs, and various mosses, fungi and ferns, this forest exemplifies how beautiful and complex our natural areas are. Riverkeeper has developed a unique partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry to protect this land for perpetuity. Our community can mobilize to help us–securing a key connection to over 1,000 acres of headwater forest.

Why does this ecosystem matter? The Eighteenmile Creek Community Forest overlies a glacial moraine aquifer that feeds a trout stream. This means that the trees of the forest filter fresh water with their root systems, creating a healthy and supportive living environment for trout populations. All of us can benefit from this project: not only will we protect local drinking water, we can also protect trout in our area, and create public recreation opportunities such as trails and natural learning opportunities.

snow_trees_square_formatjpgTo learn more, please visit http://bnriverkeeper.org/18mc/ or contact Kerrie Gallo, Director of Ecological Programs (kgallo@bnriverkeeper.org) and Susan Kornacki, Marketing and Development Manager (skornacki@bnriverkeeper.org).

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