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PETITION: Save Buffalo’s Outer Harbor Forever Free and Open

Buffalo Common Council

Save Buffalo’s Outer Harbor Forever Free and Open

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From the Outer Harbor Concerned Citizens, April 2016

Dear Buffalo Common Council and Mayor Byron Brown,

We the undersigned recognize that our waterfront and our Outer Harbor is a unique international and Great Lakes asset to the people of our region and city. We support its designation as a “Significant Coastal Area” whose benefits as a storm buffer, migratory bird stopover, Lake Erie fishery and urban environmental education center have not been adequately addressed or weighed against the blank slate approach of fast-tracked, publicly-subsidized, private development that is reflected in the Buffalo Green Code DGEIS.

We believe that the Outer Harbor should always be a publicly owned asset, forever free and open. We insist that the Outer Harbor belongs to everybody.


(1) We the undersigned request that the City of Buffalo extend the public comment period and review of the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement for the Buffalo Consolidate Development Framework, especially as it pertains to Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. We concur with the League of Women Voters’ March 30 letter to Council President Darius Pridgen, that “the comment period should be extended for at least four more months to allow all of the public enough time to understand the documents,” which include the Unified Development Ordinance, the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan and the DGEIS itself—many hundreds of pages whose precise details will determine the shape of our City for the next several decades.

(2) We insist  that the Outer Harbor is a public trust and “shall be retained in public ownership.” This is consistent with State and local waterfront management policy, (State Policy 20; LWRP Policy 8A) Therefore we request a moratorium on all private development of Outer Harbor land until the BCDF has had adequate public review.

(3) We request that, during this extended review period, an assessment of the conservation values and potential of the Outer Harbor be made in accordance with the sustainability and smart growth principles of the City of Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan.

We are concerned that a rush to adopt the DGEIS, at this time, and until a more comprehensive review including extended citizen participation and engagement on the Outer Harbor, including a fuller review of the impacts of the proposed zoning codes which will permit private housing (N3E) and (D-OG) along the shorelines and adjacent to the Times Beach Nature Preserve will result in “irreversible and irretrievable impacts” to existing natural systems.

This petition will be delivered to:  Buffalo Common Council

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One Response to PETITION: Save Buffalo’s Outer Harbor Forever Free and Open

  1. Kathleen M. Sambrotto says:

    So glad theres a movement like this. We need to keep our shores free and accessible to the public. Thank you to whomever was educated enough in this capacity to get things rollin in that direction!

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