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Meet the 2013 WNYEA Board Candidates


The Western New York Environmental Alliance’s (WNYEA) annual meeting is almost here. This means that the members of the WNYEA will have to vote on who will represent them on the Board of Directors for the next two years. Board members come from the member organizations and either take on an at-large position, or act as a liaison for a working or process group. Below you will find the slate of candidates up for election at this year’s Congress, as well as short introductions from some of the candidates.

2013-2015 Slate of Directors:

I. Working Group Liaison

a. Parks & Recreation: Brian Dold

b. Waste & Pollution: Andy Goldstein

c. Urban Regeneration: Art Wheaton

d. Transportation: Justin Booth

II. Process Groups Liaison

a. Education & Outreach: Karen Wallace

b. Organizational Capacity: Alexandra McPherson

III. At Large Positions

a. At Large: Loren H. Smith

b. At Large: Lindsay Amico

Parks & Recreation Working Group: Brian Dold

2013_BD-photoMy name is Brian Dold, Public Horticulture Manager at the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy.  I am running for a second term as the Chair of the Parks and Recreation Working Group.  I work in the City of Buffalo’s Olmsted Parks every day, but I have a love of parks, open spaces and trails all through the region.  I think there are great opportunities to raise the level of awareness of our recreational assets and increase the community advocacy for parks and open spaces in every community.  I plan to develop strategies to increase investment and planning for our green infrastructure working with all levels of government and also provide a resource for grassroots initiatives around Western New York at our working group meeting.  Vote for me…and join our working group! (Next mtg: Nov. 19th 4:00-5:30pm at the Community Foundation of WNY, Larkin Bldg, 726 Exchange St. Suite 525)

GoldsteinWaste & Pollution Working Group: Andy Goldstein

I have been active in the environmental movement in WNY since the early ’80s. I cut my teeth as an active member on the Sierra Club Radioactive Waste Campaign against West Valley; later to becoming active in The WNY Peace Center and issues such as Nuclear Freeze Campaign and the whole Iran/Contra-gate mess. From the late-eighties through the late-nineties, I was heavily involved with the Buffalo Greens and then the Erie County Green Party, where I was elected as the County Chairperson. I ran for Common Council at-large and headed the Party during the first Nader runs.   Also in the late eighties, the Greens and others successfully lobbied for the start of the City’s start of a recycling program.  Following that tract, and following my stint as an owner of a small print shop, I became the City of Buffalo’s Recycling Coordinator from 2004 through 2009. Presently, I am active on the WYNEA Waste and Pollution Committee, PPG Buffalo Recycling Alliance, GreenWorks/GreenDrinks, and as an officer of my Block Club – Fargo Estate (since 1995).   I have been an advocate for environmental justice on such issues as energy deregulation, energy conservation, Peace Bridge expansion, sustainable transportation programs, labor issues, open libraries and public schools.  I have worked hard at keeping a strong edge to my advocacy (yes I have an arrest record) while maintaining a strong working relationship with governmental and elected officials, business leaders, and environmental activists throughout the area and the state.

Education & Outreach Process Group: Karen Wallace

k._wallace_1Greetings, I am Karen Wallace a nominee for the Education & Outreach Group.  As Director of Science Learning and Interpretation for the Buffalo Museum of Science, I am responsible for education, collections and exhibits at the Museum and our Environmental Education site, Tifft Nature Preserve.  Tifft’s unique story holds a special place in my heart as I started out as a volunteer there 24 years ago also serving as the Director of the site for 5 years.

I came to informal science education through the back door with muddy feet and a back ground in ethology.  My passion is to get teachers and students outdoors, using the local natural resources to teach all areas of science, heeding David Orr’s belief that all education is environmental education.  To this pedagogy, I teach a graduate level course, Teaching Science in Context in the Department of Learning and Instruction at the University at Buffalo.  I am also an adjunct lecturer at Buffalo State College teaching an Environmental Science course for non-science majors.

k._wallace_2I have been involved with the WNY Environmental Alliance since the beginning in 2008 when the Shared Agenda to Action was created. I whole-heartedly affirm the desire “to make our region a greener and more sustainable place to live, work and play”.  As a continued member of the Education and Outreach Process Group, I see a goal to use the talented members of the environmental education organizations to support the Working Groups’ Action Agendas. It would be my desire to have a member of the Education and Outreach Process Group also serve on a Working Group to provide education and outreach strategies to increase the ecological literacy of the general public.  The Environmental and Outreach Process Group can spearhead the shared vision of a more sustainable WNY through the focus on biodiversity outreach crossing all working groups.

Organizational Capacity Process Group: Alexandra McPherson

With great appreciation for the work of the Western New York Environmental Alliance, I am submitting my name to be considered for the Chair of the Organizational Capacity Process Group. For the past sixteen years, I have worked in the environmental profession creating and implementing campaigns and programs that advance clean production and sustainability solutions. I have operated within different networks to create coalitions and partnerships that leverage the best of what different organizations can deliver to effect necessary policy, production and consumption changes. I have chaired working groups within national and international environmental networks as well as business NGO environmental alliances.  If appointed, I will leverage successful capacity building models I have learned and or applied in national networks, notably Coming Clean, a network that allowed major environment health national and state groups, small community organizations, and academic institutions to successfully work across each other; and therefore more efficiently use technical and communication resources that serve the whole. I am particularly interested on how we collectively expand our capacity to leverage new economic development opportunities through the restoration and revitalization of our natural systems in Western New York.

For the past year, I have had the privilege of directing advancement work for Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper where I have focused on strategic development initiatives, communication and capacity building.  Prior to my work at Riverkeeper, for ten years, I was managing partner for Clean Production Action (CPA).  CPA’s mission was to build capacity within the public and private sector to transition to a sustainable, safe materials system worldwide.  We invested in research, communication initiatives and campaigns that gave new tools to environmental advocacy organizations, government leaders and progressive businesses committed to sustainable production, safer material use and reduced consumption of natural resources.

At Large: Loren H. Smith

Loren Smith is the Executive Director of the Buffalo Audubon Society. He has served as the chair of the Education & Outreach Process Group and as the secretary of the Alliance board for the past two years. Loren has a Ph.D. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (paleontology) and a B.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences.  He is broadly interested in nature education, stewardship of the natural world and environmental advocacy.  He is a board member for the Massachusetts Avenue Project and an avid cook.

At Large: Lindsay Amico

Lindsay_Amico_1My name is Lindsay Amico and I’m seeking your support to run for as an at-large member on the WNY Environmental Alliance’s board. I’m a Buffalo native and returned to the city after graduating from Northeastern University in December 2012. There I earned a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in Law and Public Policy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with local organizations like the Clean Air Coalition of WNY and Buffalo First, as well as Southie Trees and South Boston Grows in South Boston. I really discovered my passion for environmental justice while interning at the Clean Air Coalition. They are the organization I affiliate with in my participation with the Alliance. I lived in Tonawanda for most of my life and I really identify with the community members who suffer from the air pollution. I continue to volunteer with the organization because I feel that their mission symbolizes what we should all strive for. Putting people first.


I believe my passion is the most important quality that I can contribute to the Alliance. I know that I want to commit my life to environmental justice work. It’s always going to be most important to me, whether it be in political discussions, my local community, or the news. Connecting this passion with this network would be perfect for me. I’m one of those young people who comes back to Buffalo, not because they had to, but because they want to take their experience from outside areas and use it to improve the region.  The WNY region has an incredible amount of potential and I want to be part of the movement towards its success, both economically and sustainably.

I understand that many of the things we work towards seem difficult to accomplish but I know that they’re possible and will happen with time and commitment. I’ve seen so many amazing changes made in the area, even just while I was away for a few years. And I know we as an alliance can work to continue this progress.





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