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Nickel City Housing Cooperative

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Organization Name: Nickel City Housing Cooperative

Mission: To promote the general welfare of the community of Buffalo NY by providing low rent cooperatively-owned housing regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin. This addresses the problems of absentee landlords, high rents, and discriminatory rental practices. Additionally, we are tasked with an educational program designed to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in housing and to further the principles of tolerance and cooperation through mutual, self-help living at minimal cost.

Vision: Fixing up vacant properties in Buffalo to provide affordable and cooperative housing

Key Achievements:

  • NASCO members
  • Wondermoth and Plankton House

Leadership: Brigidann Rauch

Established Date: 2001

Purview: Buffalo

Location: 208 North St, Buffalo, NY 14201

Website and Social Media:

Contact Information: Phone: (716) 882-6003

Significant Events: None

Membership Offered: yes

This membership profile was created by UB Honors Student Lauren Martinek, Fall 2014.


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