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Meeting Recap: Parks & Recreation (1/21/14)


In November of 2013, the Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) presented its 2014 Action Agenda. The agenda contains 10 planks from 7 of the Alliance’s Working and Process Groups, all dealing with environmental issues impacting the Western New York Region. To learn more about the Action Agenda items of the WNYEA and their progress, get involved in the Alliance through the Working/Process Group Meetings, signing up for a listserv, or visiting the WNYEA section on GrowWNY. Or continue reading to learn about the latest Parks and Recreation Working Group meeting.

 On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, the Parks and Recreation Working Group held a meeting. The key focuses of this meeting were:

  • Green Space Projects Working List
  • Partnership Opportunity – Biodiversity Speaker Series

As part of the group’s 2014 initiatives, a working list of the many green space projects in Western New York will be kept and discussed at each meeting. Some of these projects include the project at the Foot of Lafayette, the 21st Century Park on the Outer Harbor, River Walk Revitalization, and the South Buffalo Brownfields Recreational Assessment. By tracking these projects, the group can offer insight and assistance to them.

The group also discussed a potential action item which would include partnering with the Education and Outreach Process Group and the Alliance’s Speakers Bureau to hold a Biodiversity Speaker Series. The series could be a string of events in different parks and recreational areas in Western New York where a speaker from the bureau would discuss biodiversity in the context of the location the talk was being held in. This collaboration would promote going outside and enjoying these natural wonders of our region, but doing so in a responsible and respectful way

Do you have feedback or suggestions for this group? Tell us in the comment section below, or come to the next meeting. Keep checking the GrowWNY community calendar for information about the next meeting, or join the listserv for email updates on meetings and projects.

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