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Free Buffalo CarShare Membership for all Non-Profits


Buffalo CarShare, a WNY Environmental Alliance member, has a mission to advance affordable and environmentally friendly transportation to the City of Buffalo.  Each CarShare vehicle takes 15 cars off the road, and some members even forgo the purchase of a new vehicle when they sign up. Car sharing truly has an impact on the amount of fuel emissions released into the atmosphere.

If you work for a non-profit in Buffalo, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a Buffalo CarShare membership.  First of all, non-profit membership is completely free. Non-profit organizations are only responsible to pay for the hourly rate, and that includes gas, maintenance, mileage and insurance.

Additionally, employees of non-profit organizations will receive free membership if they choose to sign up for a personal account.

We currently have 42 non-profit accounts, and many of them have found Buffalo CarShare membership extremely useful.

“As a small non-profit, we are always looking for ways to add creative and useful employee benefits for our staff, “ said Tamar Rothaus, Finance, Administration and Operations Director at PUSH Buffalo. “Many of our staff live in our neighborhood and bike or walk to work.  The opportunity to use a car for work-related trips and avoid the expense of owning their own car is a huge benefit.  Also, by offering shared work and personal accounts, PUSH can take on the enrollment fees and offer staff the reduced hourly rate for any personal use of CarShare. CarShare’s green mission is a perfect fit for PUSH staff – practically and philosophically.”


Buffalo CarShare currently has a fleet of 17 vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles as well as a minivan and a pick-up truck. The pick-up truck, named “Wolf,” has come in handy for many non-profit members, including Gobike Buffalo.

“GObike Buffalo has been able to pick up small donations of used bicycles from around the region thanks to Buffalo Carshare and the Wolf.  We can easily fit 25 used bicycles in the back of the Wolf and it’s no hassle at all to reserve and use,” said Leslie Pickering of Gobike Buffalo.

As the newest member of Buffalo CarShare’s team, I have recently decided to forgo the purchase of a new vehicle once my 2004 Pontiac Sunfire finally gives out. I want to do my part to help save the environment. Instead, I’ll walk, bike or take the bus, and whenever I need to, I’ll use a CarShare car.

For more information visit buffalocarshare.org or call 716-898-0850.


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