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Published on May 14th, 2018 | by GrowWNYAdmin


Time to Send Comments About West Valley

By: Lynda Schneekloth, Advocacy Chair

There are only two weeks left to make comment on the West Valley Nuclear Waste Facility. May 25th, 2018 is the date for final comments according to the US Department of Energy (DOE) and NYS Energy Development Research Authority (NYSERDA).

Send your comments today to:

Mr. Martin Krentz
West Valley Demonstration Project
US Department of Energy
10282 Rock Springs Rd. AC-DOE
West Valley, NY 14171-9799

Sent via email to and

We understand this is a technically complex issue and that is how DOE and NYSERDA want us to view it; it keeps us from making comment. But really, it is also very simple. They should clean up the mess, just as you do every day in your home and community. We should not be living with the possibility of nuclear waste being released into our water, our precious Great Lakes. We do not consent to be put at risk of exposure to nuclear radiation.

It is very important that people express their own views about why it should be cleaned up. Why is this important to you? Your children? What if you could no longer drink the water? Kayak? Sit and watch the sunset? How would you feel about being exposed to nuclear radiation when there is no safe level of exposure? What happens to the public health of our region? We’ve been investing so much in our waterfronts and reclaiming them for all of us, would we risk all of this? Is it safe for birds and fish and other animals to live close to contaminated waters?

Many of you have signed the Pledge – and that would be a good place to start with your comments:

We, the people of Western New York,
the Great Lakes, human health and the environment from harm
caused by the release of nuclear waste from West Valley Nuclear Waste Facility.

complete exhumation of all nuclear and toxic waste, to minimize the
risk of exposure now and in the future!

Send off your comments today!

Lynda Schneekloth, Advocacy Chair, WNYEA

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