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Western New York Apollo Alliance

Meet the member organizations of the Western New York Environmental Alliance! 

Organization Name: Western New York Apollo Alliance

Mission: To catalyze a clean energy revolution in American to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, cut the carbon emissions that are destabilizing our climate, and expand opportunities for American businesses and workers.

Vision: To educate the community about clean energy, promote local government policies that grow the green economy, and do hands-on projects that serve the community and the environment.

Key Achievements:

  • Apollo Home Energy Conservation Kit (HECK) program
  • Green Jobs Symposium
  • Weatherization proposal
  • Growing the Green Economy

Leadership: Arthur C Weathon, Chairperson

Established Date: 2004

Location: Cornell University

Purview: Western New York

Website and Social Media:


Contact Information:

Email: acw18@cornell.edu

Significant Events: None

Membership Offered: No

This membership profile was created by UB Honors Student Ashwini Karve, Fall 2014.


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