Working Groups

In order to cover all the issues facing our environment, the WNY Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) has formed Working Groups to address eight different topics:

Members, affiliates, supporters and community members are encouraged to get involved in these subcommittees. Each Working Group meets on a regularly scheduled basis to discuss what individuals and organizations are doing to address key issues in that area of the environment. The Working Group Meetings are vital to fulfilling the WNYEA’s mission of fostering collaboration, initiating action, and strengthening the environmental organizations of WNY. In these meetings, member organizations and individuals come together to discuss WNYEA projects as well as their own work. These discussions allow both individuals and organizations to offer assistance, partner up and give suggestions to one another.

Additionally, the Working Groups are encouraged to participate in the WNYEA’s annual advocacy process by raising up planks for the Action Agenda. Planks are championed by a WNYEA member organization, supported by the respective Working Group, and approved by the WNYEA as a whole through a Board of Directors vote.  Click here to view the current Action Agenda, and check the calendar for an upcoming Working Group meeting to learn how you can be involved in advancing the agenda.

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